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Our Story

How it begins, we started as a little service provider…

The choices we make today shape our future. Crusade Services is committed to making choices that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

singapore environmental achievement award

Founded in 1988, Crusade Services was the first winner of the Singapore Environmental Achievement Award and a leading provider of eco-friendly cleaning services. We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents and equipment in our daily operations and incorporate business practices that reduce energy consumption, air and noise pollution. We also promote water conservation and recycle waste that would otherwise pollute the environment.


Crusade Services is the first cleaning company in Singapore and Southeast Asia to be awarded the ISO14001 certification for designing and implementing an effective environmental management system. Today, we continue to pursue innovation in cleaning technologies that are both efficient and green.

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From a team of two, Crusade Services has grown from strength to strength into a
150-strong cleaning team dedicated to keeping your home and office environment
clean and bacteria-free while caring for our planet.

Healthy Environmental
Cleaning System (HECS)

Our revolutionary Health and Environmental Cleaning Systems (HECS) employs cleaning solutions made from eco-friendly plant extracts that destroys the bacteria and allergens that irritates your skin. Our specially formulated Anti-Microbial solution, which forms a crucial part of our Health and Environmental Cleaning Systems (HECS), is backed by the PSB ODS-Free Verification Certification. We gets your soft furnishing comprehensively cleansed through patented Anti-Microbial and Anti-Fungal treatments that effectively eliminate the harmful bacteria and allergens that trigger coughs and colds. The HECS Protective Treatment is then applied, covering your furnishing with a self-sterilizing layer that continues to fight microorganisms for the next three months, keeping them clean and fresh for longer.


Eco-friendly Cleaning Solution


Improves indoor air quality

reduces dust icon

Reduces dust mite activity

Eliminates-allergens icon

Eliminates allergens and bacteria

Removes stubborn dirt icon

Effectively removes stubborn stains

no harmful chemicals icon

We guarantee that no harmful cleaning solutions. Our guarantee is endorsed by PSB ODS-Free Verification Certification


Extended Self-sterilizing Feature

soft furnishing icon

Soft Furnishing lasts cleaner longer. Its soil release polymer coats every individual fibre deterring rapid re-soiling

anti microbial icon

The anti-microbial component kills all microbes including multi-resistant bacteria species, fungi, mould and yeast harmful to humans.

self sterilizing icon

A protective self-sterilizing coating foamed on treated surfaces. This anti-bacterial layer continues to kill bacteria and fungus for a period of three months.

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