How Many Times Should you Clean Your Carpet?

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For the average home, vacuuming once to twice a week is paramount in order to ensure that all home dwellers stay healthy and comfortable. This is especially true for homes that are situated in the midst of the city where air pollution is more rampant and those with indoor pets. However, contrary to popular belief, vacuuming does not qualify as proper cleaning — you would still have to send your carpet for professional cleaning at least once a year.

This principle also applies for high-traffic homes with household pets, children and smokers. Depending on how soiled the area is, professional cleaning should be done even as frequently as every four to six weeks.

Your carpet plays a much bigger role in your health and wellbeing than you realize. For most commercial premises, the best frequency to clean your carpet is once every three to twelve months. As for restaurants and other higher-traffic outlets, a monthly cleaning is recommended.

The frequency of cleaning can also depend on whether you suffer from hay fever, sinusitis or other allergies. Frequent cleaning from three to four times a year can help neutralize your carpet from irritants, allergens and other contaminants. A cleaner carpet will also help improve the air quality of your commercial premise.

For premises with carpets that are not professionally cleaned as recommended, the indoor air quality can be eight to ten times worse than outdoor air quality. Another way to improve air quality — in addition to cleaning your carpet — is by cleaning your drapes and curtains regularly and by letting air inside regularly. It’s important to let air circulate inside your space and make a point to open up the window every once in a while to let out the stale air.

Another reason to get your carpet professionally cleaned regularly is so that your carpet warranty does not void. It is good to know that many carpet companies actually will not honour your warranty unless you make a point to hire professional help every 12 to 18 months. In some cases, you will void your carpet warranty if you go as long as 24 months without getting professional carpet cleaning.

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While vacuuming and attempting to clean your carpet yourself may seem to make sense, bear in mind that only professional carpet steaming is able to lift dust from deep within your carpet. Left for too long, the dusts and grimes will wear down and rip the fibres of your carpet faster. Another reason why you shouldn’t attempt to DIY your carpet steaming is because only professional machines can truly remove all the moisture from the carpet once steaming is done.

Leaving your carpet moist without proper drying will turn your carpet and your premise into an incubator for mold growth, and you definitely don’t want that to happen. For more info, you can walk-in directly to our office for a free consultation and a free site visit.

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