Shampoo VS Steam Cleaning – Which is Best for Cleaning Carpets?

steam carpet cleaning

Best carpet cleaning service – Shampoo VS Steam Cleaning

Carpets! Known for their warm textures and vibrant colors, it helps add a touch of luxury and comfort to our homes.

However over time, they can accumulate dirt, stains, and allergens. Hence regular carpet cleaning is important in keeping that carpet in good condition. 

The main question is, do you shampoo your carpets or do you steam your carpets?

Two popular methods for cleaning carpets are shampooing and steam cleaning, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


Shampooing Carpets

Carpet shampooing is the use of chemical detergents to get rid of the dirt that is stuck on the carpets. However, unlike shampooing your hair, carpet cleaning shampoo method requires scrubbing machines to properly penetrate those stubborn stains and dirt.

This method is effective in cleaning heavily soiled carpets and often includes chemicals designed to break down dirt and stains.


How to do it?


Step 1 Preparation
Before starting the shampooing process, it’s essential to vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove loose dirt and debris.


Step 2 Apply the shampoo
By mixing the shampoo solution following the manufacturer’s instructions, you can then apply it to the carpet using the carpet cleaning machine.


Step 3 Let the machine do the scrubbing

Turn the machine on and the brushes would start spinning. 

The agitation that the machine produces on the carpet will help loosen the dirt ensuring deep cleaning of the carpet.


Step 4 Use the Vacuum

The machine that is used for shampooing carpets would have a vacuum device as well. 

The best thing to do is to suck up the surface of the carpet to extract the dirt and shampoo off it.


Step 5 Rinse it off

Use clean water to rinse off the carpet. The rinsing process is used to wash out the residue of shampoo and dirt left behind on the carpet.


Step 6 Dry it off

Bring the carpet outside and dry it off.


Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the application of hot water to clean out the dirt from the carpet. Most steam cleaners operate around the 100 degree celsius range which is enough to break the stubborn dirt on carpets and the intense heat is also useful in sanitizing the fabrics.

Steam cleaning is usually popular for getting bacteria off the carpet stopping from mold and mildew from growing on the carpet.


How To do it?

It’s very simple, here are the steps : 


Step 1 Prep the carpet

Use a brush to loosen the dirt and debris on the carpet surface


Step 2 Test the carpet
Take a small section of the carpet and test it on the steam cleaner to see if it is suitable for high temperature operations.


Step 3 Use the steam to clean it

Press the release button on the machine and let the steam come out on the parts that you wanted to clean.


Step 4 Dry it off

After steaming it, take the carpet outside to dry out under the sun.


Shampoo VS Steam Cleaning

So now that you know what these cleaning methods are, what makes them different from each other?



The Pros

  • Effective for heavily soiled carpets and deep-seated stains
  • Some shampoos include stain-resistant agents, providing added protection.
  • Odor elimination properties leaving the carpet smelling fresh.


The Cons

  • The cost is high due to needing to buy the chemicals
  • The shampoo have a chance to leave residue
  • Carpet shampooing can be labor-intensive, requiring repeated passes with the machine to ensure effective cleaning.
  • Not Suitable for sensitive carpets that would cause damage to the carpet


Steam cleaning

The Pros

  • Minimal Residue
  • Sanitization from bacteria
  • Steam cleaning is highly effective for deep cleaning carpets
  • Helps with reducing allergens such as dust mites and pet dander
  • Does not use chemicals


The Cons

  • Equipment cost as the equipment for this kind of cleaning is expensive
  • Some delicate or water-sensitive fabrics may not be suitable for steam cleaning
  • Steam cleaning uses a lot of water
  • Takes longer to dry


Extra Tips

When using steam cleaners, use distilled water instead of tap water to avoid the issue of mineral build up.

Avoid exposing steam on one area for too long to avoid damaging the surface.

If you need to use chemical cleaners for your steam cleaning, make sure to use the manufacturer’s recommended chemicals to avoid damaging the machine.

If the dirt and stains still stay on the surface of your carpet, Try getting a carpet cleaning professional to handle the cleaning.

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