What Is Super Fungus And Why You Should Be Concerned?

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You might not be aware of this but there has been an outbreak of a super fungus called Candida auris in South East Asian countries, Europe, the United States and Europe. Candida auris has infected 11 victims and has caused two deaths in Singapore.

It is a cause of concern because this super fungus is so strong that it is resistant multiple antifungal drugs and has caused outbreaks in healthcare settings. Candida auris can cause a few infections to a human’s body- bloodstream infections, wound infections, ear infections and suspected lung or bladder infections.

Not to insert fear in you, but if you’ve been warded in a hospital before, you already have a one in nine chance of catching a bug in the hospital.

“Patients in every single bed in eight public and five private hospitals were involved, including those in intensive care. Together they accounted for more than 86 per cent of acute care beds in the country in 2014.” -Straits Times Singapore

hospital ward

This means that if you’ve been warded in a public hospital, you have a higher chance of contracting this super fungus. However, specifically men, older people and surgery patients are the ones at higher risk. Surgery patients have 1.8 times the risk of other patients while men have 1.5 times the risk of infection than women.

How can you tell if you have Candida auris? It can only be diagnosed with a laboratory test. However, the most common and obvious symptoms would be having chills and fever that would not go away even after antibiotic treatment.

The most common and important question would be how can we prevent Candida auris from continuous spreading and infecting us or our loved ones? Practising proper hygiene is essential. Close your mouth when sneezing or coughing or keeping your hands clean by sanitizing or washing with soap and water will help reduce the spread amongst people around you.

If you or a family member had been warded in a hospital, it is best to get your living space quality and clean air because bacteria and superfungal can be spread through airborne as well. Antimicrobial is also the best way to prevent Candida auris from spreading rapidly. It is also a treatment used to reduce the incidence of infections.

Well, guess what? Crusade does offer a antimicrobial mist treatment that will improve your air quality. Our electrical flogging significantly improves your air quality while effectively curbing the spread of bacterial and fungal infestations on your premises, all the while staying kind to the environment.

Our specially formulated Anti-Microbial solution, which forms a crucial part of our Health and Environmental Cleaning Systems (HECS), is backed by the PSB ODS-Free Verification Certification. This eco-friendly and non-toxic Australian formulation effectively rids your premises of harmful multi-resistant bacteria species and fungus and continues to protect treated surfaces by forming a self-sterilizing coating. This amazing anti-bacterial layer continues to fight bacteria and fungus for the next three months.

Once the electrical fogging is carried out by our authorized technician, it only takes 30-45 minutes for the anti-microbial mist to settle and work its magic on your premises. So you are ready to get back to work within the hour.

We’re giving this treatment for FREE with any cleaning service you engage with us that is $1000 and above. Get your living or work space an antimicrobial mist treatment now to promote healthier and cleaner air and prevent any bacteria or fungal infections.

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